Hessing, producer of chilled fresh cut fruit and vegetables, ready-to-eat meals and fresh juices is going to expand its largest plant with 5.500 m2. The plant
extension must give room to all the bulk processing lines. As for size and complexity of the project, there is a need for a specialized project manager.
At the same time there is a need for knowledge on technology and quality.

In addition to the constraints in terms of lead time and budget, the realization of the project should not affect the continuity of daily production. The project
manager is expected to contribute, when needed, technological and substantive to the design and realization of the new part of the production site.

Fresh, Food & Factory provides the knowledge to the design of a fully automatic logistical system for crate transport, meeting functional, health and safety
requirements. The result is a modern production site with a high potential capacity. The cost price leadership