A fresh view, new energy, profound experience and specific expertise – that is what an interim manager of Fresh, Food & Factory brings along.
An interim manager is temporary, recognises quickly fixed patterns and carries no emotional history. This can help your organization make the desired change(s). An interim manager of Fresh, Food & Factory transfers the file professionally at the end of the interim period. You can continue independently. Our professionals have industry experience at operational to strategic level in:

  • Project management
  • Innovation management
  • Operations management

Project management

Not the expertise available for a specific project? Or did a project stall? Consider a project manager of Fresh, Food & Factory. Experienced and professional. Somebody who knows how to get a difficult project clear and up and running again. We like to work with you and your colleagues. By having the desired result in mind, we set up a realistic planning and team. We bring the project to this result by having short communication lines, close cooperation with your staff and adding knowledge where needed.

Innovation management

Innovation is elusiveness squared. You want to know rapidly if the market or environment is ready for an innovation or not. Or if the technology is suited on short term. On the how and why of innovation numerous theoretical models have been published. Among others the Stage Gate Model, Open Innovation, the Delft model and the Cyclical Innovation Model. Of course we know them. But at Fresh, Food & Factory it is about thinking and acting. We work on getting innovations comprehensible and tangible for all stakeholders involved. Close the gap (Crossing the chasm, Geoffrey Moore).
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Operations management

Making organisations every day a bit better, that is our objective. We are familiar with methods like the Theory of Constraints (TOC), business process re-engineering (BPR), 5S, Lean and Six Sigma. Together with you we select the appropriate method resulting in an improvement in your situation. The social aspect is an integral part of the optimization process. After analysis of the current situation, we define a roadmap with which your organisation gets to the desired situation. Such a plan can be making business processes more efficient. Or defining and implementing key performance indicators to allow you to monitor and control business better. Fresh, Food & Factory can offer professionals in Lean, Six Sigma and Operational Excellence. All having sound experience in production, quality and marketing at operational, tactical or strategic level. Interested to find out how can help you to the next level of operations management?