You are a food production company; as a partner we are happy to help you with the further development of your company. With our knowledge and experience of convenience food, including sliced fruit and vegetables, we are ideally placed to translate the current technological possibilities into practice.

From product or process innovation to food quality: Fresh, Food & Factory is the right place for advice and interim management.
process engineering
Looking for the optimal production process within your budget? Or interested in the latest innovations that can actually be applied in practice?
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If you want to expand or develop a new market sustainably, we can help you on the right path by acting as a sparring partner.
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food security
Looking for product and microbiological knowledge to improve the quality of your end product? Or are you looking for the latest knowledge and insights from science, in understandable language?
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Customers about Fresh, Food & Factory

Joyce Schroot
"Fresh, Food & Factory is a trusted advisor. They understand the industry: from marketing, food science, technology, factory design to start-up. On a strategic level, they helped us develop a business plan."
Anne de Vries

Innovative projects examples

Hydroponics in open air

Developed with knowledge centre Proeftuin Zwaagdijk, grower Pater Broersen in Waarland and fresh cut processor Hessing. Growing leafy vegetables in open air with less use of crop protectants, no boundary effects, relative short growing periods, while maintaining yield and quality.

Cabro broccoli and
cauliflower floretting

Developed together with Hessing, FoodLife and financially supported with public funding. The machine automatically destems the produce, makes florets and reduces labour.

Perfotec respiration meter

Developed by TOP and Perfotec. Shelf life extension of packed produce achieved by laser perforating flexible film based on the produce property respiration rate which is measured with the developed meter. Numerous implementations of this combined patented system (respiration meter and laser) for fresh cut processors at home and abroad.

Protein enriched lupin flour

Patented technology, developed with the current producer LI Frank. Fralu-CON increase the protein content in bakery and batter mixes, improves emulsifying properties, enhances crispiness and stickiness and partially can replace egg.

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